Coordination Berlin

Coordination Berlin

Website front-end design
Internship - COORDNINATION Berlin

During my internship at COORDINATION I took on the project of the new website and online shop. After a quick analysis of their former site, I began creating some trial versions on non-developer platforms such as Wix or SquareSpace. We decided to go for SquareSpace for its elegance and built-in responsiveness.

Then I went further in the design by customizing the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code in order to give a bespoke new website design that would really meet the office’s expectantes. However, modifying these elements made the task of updating pages more difficult for all the members of the company. Therefore, I set up a couple of step-by-step tutorials for all of the maintenance tasks such as adding a new project or changing the homepage pictures.

I kept learning and practicing coding and this very website is my last work.

You can see the website here: